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Exciting News

I wrote earlier that I'll be taking a 'holiday' from the weekly 'toons for a while. It isn't because I'm actually going on holiday and hanging up my colouring in paraphernalia – quite the opposite, in fact. It's because I've got oodles of doodles to do for the next chapter in the Eyetoons story. 

The lovely people at Ginger Fox approached me at the tail end of last year with a view to creating a board game and coaster game, which are due to be launched later this year (is it too early to think about Christmas presents?). So whilst they're busy developing and finessing the final products (mockups below), I'll be busy colouring in a whole raft of new 'toons.

I'll post updates and launch dates when I know them, so stay 'tooned.

Ginger Fox Mocks

Ginger Fox Mocks

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